Hello. I am Kate! Although that's my middle name...my first name is a mystery to you guys. Heheh. But yeah! My fandoms: Harry Potter, Glee, Starkid. But I also love the shows Revenge, Once Upon a Time, The Secret Circle, The Lying Game, and Pretty Little Liars. I also love Darren Criss and Grant Gustin. That is all, for now!
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My fandoms over the years (more or less)

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“She’s impossible!”

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Darren Criss performing at Market Days in Chicago

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Oh wow hi I still exist

I basically stopped using this blog when I got a new computer because I was too lazy to download google chrome and find the info and stuff


but yes okay hi I’m back yay

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15 & 16/100 photos of Daniel Radcliffe

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I always seem to forget I have this blog omg

but it’s summer and I love summer

family is driving me insane a bit, but that’s normal

reevaluating a friendship, no big deal…partly just trying to make sure my senior year, coming up faster than I’d like, runs as smoothly as possible, and this friendship working out will help…truly.

I miss being on this blog.

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